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Our company specializes in organization of events of the most varied scales. The organization of work places at exhibitions in Kazakhstan and Europe:
> Conferences
> Round tables
> Seminars
> Thematic trainings
> Investment forums
> Presentations
> Open public discussions in the PUBLIC TALKS format
> Corporate team building events
> Sport events

If you plan to organize an event with a capacity of 10 to 1000 people, we will develop a convenient for you organizational decision in order to provide high quality services and to achieve fixed by you goals
We wil organize events based on your request in “turnkey” format > development of a short concept > the detailed concept of an event + budgeting + organization planning > performance of all objectives and successful holding an action > the final report on the held event. We place particular emphasis on detailed performance of tasks in organization of events as we are confident in the idea that any success is based on details. By working with us you can be sure that the designated objectives will be achieved through our approach, focused only on your interests.

High-level catering
What we offer in the organization of events
> Work with location: searching the right location, providing arrangements, design of location in compliance with thematic of the event, dressing, providing technicians for work on a location.
> Conceptual filling of event: we hear your desires and based on them we prepare the concept of the event relying on extensive experience of our team. We will consider by all means, all nuances and features of the forthcoming event, and all of the work on the fact that “what and how it will be happen” we take in our hand.
> Technical assistance: equipment for the translation into various languages, sound equipment, musical equipment, video walls, large-format screens and many other things that can be necessary.
> Content: Invitation of high-quality keynote speakers, guests and participants for your event, the development of the package of necessary materials to provide interesting and relevant content about your event, this is what we are undoubted professionals in .And also, media-support, photo and video filming, catering and many other things.
Generally accepted, that any event can not be conducted without catering. And claims for this type of services become more exacting day by day. Our company works with the leading restaurant grids and brands in the field of food and beverage. Therefore, we offer the most high-class solutions what can satisfy even the taste of the most experienced people within a catering. Service of a catering includes:
> Necessary equipment
> Food from a format of finger-type snack till fullfledged lunches and dinners, drinks of different format
> Floristics
> Service by professional waiters

> Organization of expo and fairs can be very complex and articulated for a company; our team, made up of professionals with specific skills, can offer an efficient expertise in this area by offering comprehensive services: from contacts of fair’s sponsors to equipment, from management of welcoming personnel to communication with customers and partners, in order to make more effective promotion of a company. We identify ideal tools to convey your message and image during such important event as a fair.

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