E-venti Kazakhstan is the service provider of the tour of Fondazione Collegio delle Universit? Milanesi

The Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi has organized in collaboration with Regione Lombardia a tour of Kazakhstan for the most meritorious students of Lombardy, giving them the great opportunity to discover this fascinating Country.

Next august, a group of over 50 people will go on a 10-day-tour that will take them to the main destinations of Almaty, Baikonur and Astana.

Participants will have a space experience attending to a launch at the Russian Space Agency in Baikonur, then they will appreciate the rational grid buildings of Almaty and will finish the trip by visiting the futuristic Expo pavilions in Astana during the Universal Exposition.

E-venti Kazakhstan is the service provider of this tour and will support the College Foundation during the trip around the Country