With a very expert and specialized international and Kazakh staff, and with our on-site presence, we can offer a tailor-made service:

  • Management of relations with key countries and their commissioners and working teams
  • Management of relations with Astana Expo thanks to the presence on the territory
  • Coordination of services related to the organization of the pavilion
  • Depending on your needs, we provide assistance on different levels: from the concept design to its realization, including construction and management, coordination of existing services and relations with suppliers
  • Support in the development of local partnerships
  • Management of institutional and business relations
  • Support in the administrative, fiscal and legal procedures
  • Idealization and organization of events (tailored according to the client’s budget and needs): B2B meetings, territory events, promotion, national days, thematic parks and leisure areas
  • Support in the design and creation of promotional material
  • Interpreting and certified translations
  • Press Office
  • Creation of communication materials
  • Travel, accommodation, logistics services
  • Management of VIP areas and management of locations for events and meetings
  • Support services with expert staff
  • Services and locations for business such as meeting rooms, business centers, co-working areas
  • All additional services needed